The Big Step
Out 2024

Your Invited!

You are invited to join The Big Step Out this summer,  our national campaign to celebrate carers and the people they care for as well as raising funding for our Stepping Out walks.  It’s time to let unpaid carers know they are not invisible to wider society as they so often feel.  

Everyone is invited

We’re inviting carers, the people they care for, friends, families supporters and well-behaved dogs to our fabulous Walking Festival at Hatfield House Hertfordshire on Wednesday 12th June starting at 10am. The details of How To Book will follow soon.

How is the money spent

Your gift will mean unpaid carers can enjoy one of our Stepping Out walks and help us highlight the remarkable work they do everyday. Here's some examples of how donations can help:

£5 will buy a lunch for a carer on one of our walks.
£10 will buy lunch for a carer and the person they care for and give them the opportunity to chat to others in similar situations.
£15 will go towards transport for a carer to join a walk.
£50 will allow us to hire an electric wheelchair so that someone with a health problem or disability will be able to join their carer.
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