The Big Step Out 2024 Counter

6,001,180 steps

Thank you to everyone who took party in The Big Step Out 2024.

Let’s celebrate our fabulous Grand Total -  6,001,180 steps - every one of them dedicated to the UK’s phenomenal unpaid carers and the people they care for.

These stars are stepping out for carers!

You can join them for The Big Step Out 2024, dedicating your steps to the UK’s amazing unpaid carers and the people they care for.
The Big Step Out 2024
12 -25 June 2024

You're Invited!

You are invited to join The Big Step Out this summer,  our national campaign to celebrate carers and the people they care for as well as raising funding for our Stepping Out walks.  It’s time to let unpaid carers know they are not invisible to wider society as they so often feel.  

Everyone can join The Big Step Out 2024 

Let’s see how far we can go to show unpaid carers how much we value & appreciate them.

Scroll down to see how you can take part.

Our National community walking festival

Everything you need to know about the festival and how you can take part.
What is the National community walking festival?
Our national community walking festival to celebrate unpaid carers and the people they care for throughout the UK. Take steps and tell us how many. Let’s see how far we can go to care for carers. 

Walk, wheel, dance, run, trot, play…wherever you are with friends or alone and contribute your steps to our Grand Total. We’ll update that total daily. Dogs’ steps count too. Football clubs can send their match steps, marathoners their running steps, wheelchair users their rotations, horses their hack steps, Strictly fans their dance steps, workers their office steps. we’ll take any and all steps for the cause.

You will be giving real support to the UK’s 10 million unpaid carers who look after someone at home, sometimes without respite, often alone and invisible.
When is the festival taking place?
Any time between 12th - 25th June.
How can I take part?
Go for your walk or whatever your activity may be, count the steps or wheel revolutions of everyone involved and send us the details.
Add your photos and and tell us your story.

Send them with the hashtag #STEPOUT24 to:

Insta @carersstepoutukX/
Twitter @carersstepout
Facebook - carerssteppingout

For those not on social media you can email to:

Or Ask a friend with social media to send on your behalf.

You can tell us now on social media what you are planning to do. We’d love to hear from you.
Help spread the message by sharing a social media post
Share our posts to help spread the message and raise awareness for our carers and the people they care for.
Download here

Remember to send us your steps using the hashtag

How is the money spent

Your gift will mean unpaid carers can enjoy one of our Stepping Out walks and help us highlight the remarkable work they do everyday. Here's some examples of how donations can help:

£5 will buy a lunch for a carer on one of our walks.
£10 will buy lunch for a carer and the person they care for and give them the opportunity to chat to others in similar situations.
£15 will go towards transport for a carer to join a walk.
£50 will allow us to hire an electric wheelchair so that someone with a health problem or disability will be able to join their carer.
Our Motto

“Every Adventure Begins
with The First Step” 

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